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Rode NT4 Condensor Stereo Mic


The Rode NT4 Condensor Stereo mic, is in my opinion and from my experiments hands down the best around the board performing microphone we have available to us at present. From my limited but critically assessed experience i have found it to provide the richest, clearest and free from interference sound, on location, inside and of course in sound proofed recording environments such as the Foley Room.

However it is abundantly obvious that in a non educational setting it will not be possible to use it in every scenario due to financial cost, insurance, technical availability or practicalities of a shoot. It is therefore essential not to rely on it and make sure i have additional experience using equipment that i am more likely to find myself using in reality such as uni and omni directional Shotgun mics and Tie and Radio mics. But of course always with a 552 mixer as now that we have access to this piece of kit the Tascam really doesnt cut the mustard for me, because the pre-amp is cheap and poorly manufactured compared to the 552 mixer which is far superior.

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