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Action group meeting – Minutes 07/02/2013

Team meeting 7th of February

Just read through the brief and realised it says edited versions of everything above the Online Portfolio and Creative Commons section should be on your blog. So here is an attachment of the Team meeting Minutes that I did.


Constructing the script report for sound – Pointers/Guidance

At the beginning of the day i was still confused about this part of the brief i had no idea what constructing a Report Sheet for sound would look like or contain.

But after speaking to Bambo and Ben it is clear to me that it can be organised into four elements.

1. Overview – What the Project was, What your goals were etc.
2. Concept – Are the experiments/ ideas that you decide to do relevant to your goals and how well do they test the skills that your have been trying to develop.
3. Technical area – Do the experiments sound clips show what technical skills you have been trying to develop. I.E are the sound clips clear, crisp, dynamic and impacting.
4. Personal Growth – Do the finished clips show that you have met your personal goals for this module.

Dnb track idea: I want to make a reese bassline from foley sounds.

A reese bassline is a popular type of synth bass first created by Kevin Saunderson but later popularized in Drum and Bass in the 90s by producers Alex Reese, Renegade and Ray Keith.

It is still used an abused today as much as the Amen Break for example a modern interpretation that actually uses the sound of pressure washer cleaning the outside of their studio building.

This is how Rob Swire of Pendulum and Knife Party describes it – “The Tide’ sounds like what would happen if an army of african bees were somehow trapped in an igloo and forced to write music to express their inner rage at not being able to ingest pollen. Massive.” – Rob Swire

The reason it works is that is is generally a distorted low end synth with a lot of bass that has a full sustain and decay, that is played in a groove between the snare and kick drum elements of a typical dnb breakbeat, it creates a driving high energy flow with a lot of warmth that can either be played staccato or sustained like a pad allowing more effects to be put on it this all goes towards filling out more space, creating more drive and energy. It has a great tonality and can create a dark, mysterious and dangerous mood or a buzzy, positive, uplifting vibe depending on how it is synthesised.

Idea for main project – Drum and Bass track made from Foley recordings.

Tuesdays workshop with Michele recording industrial sounds around the campus sparked my memory of some really sick Dnb tunes where the main bass of the tune is made from sampling some really bog standard around the house electronics but manipulated in post to make some really nasty electronic hard hitting basslines.

For example, Wilkinson has a range of tracks and Mistabishi who made one of the biggest tearout nasty drum and bass tunes revolving around the sounds a printer makes when its jammed

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