Now that we have come to the end of this module and i have presented the mini projects, online portfolio and what skills i have developed throughout it it is important to summarise what areas of sound recording and dubbing i still need to research, and what practical skills required of a professional sound recordist, dubbing artist i still need to develop.

First of all what is clear, is that i still need to build up a portfolio of projects with a range of recording and dubbing demands that i have worked as a sound specialist on. Second of all i need to continue expanding my database of sound equipment and how they operate outside of just the equipment we have available to us at Uwe. Something i didnt explore but from other students presentations in my field recognised is a key area to explore and experiment with is how differing use of sound design can create different moods within the same film clip. Also although the old saying its not what you use its how you use it is very true, i could also still do with familiarising myself with other Digital Audio Workstations than Apples Logic Pro 9  which i personally feel the most comfortable and in tune with, however there may be situations in the future where a client or employer requires me to use Pro Tools or Cubase.


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  1. Though you’ve already acknowledged what you need to learn, you definitely accomplished the goals you set out at the start, Tom – well played.

    We can see that you really [id you’ll forgive the D’n’B pun] drilled down into the nitty-gritty of sound recording: all the specs, all the sound-library building, all the experiments, they’re all good to see and good to read how you’ve felt about them. All of these things show how a specialist works and the time they put in.

    My only suggestion would be to ensure that, further on down the line, you make your own work as well as working on other peoples.

    It’s been great seeing a professional enthusiasm from you, sir., so keep it up and all the best.

  2. Haha. Wow, thanks Ben. =)

    Not aware of that being a dnb pun haha, i would have thought of. you went in, smashed it, went hard or rinsed it etc.
    Thanks for that though, i always see myself as an amateur, So nice to have an outside voice telling me im going in the right direction.

    I agree, its more of a case that i know i prefer to be a facilitator or part of a team with a desired skill set rather than a leading voice or manager. its just more casual, laid back and im a casual person.

    Nice one Bruvva =P

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