Failure day – Recording sound on unbelievably windy rooftop


For Failure day i headed out with Naby, Tara and Marissa with no idea where we going, what we meant to be filming and no idea what i was being asked to do. In the end it turned out we were going to the rooftop of the car park near Colston Hall. To reshoot a suicide scene from a film that Naby wanted to Homage. My role was to capture the sound relevant to the scene. Unfortunately it was just far too windy, i could hear the wind without headphones on, and a softie/blimp windshield hadn’t been booked out so there was no way to minimise it, the majority of audio was unusable. However there were a few decent segments of sound when the wind dropped periodically. But i got a good experience watching and helping Naby set up shots and change lenses with the Panasonic 101 and lens kit.


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